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Michael Strong co-founded Freedom Lights Our World (FLOW) with John Mackey in 2005, which later spun off Conscious Capitalism and Peace through Commerce. He has also been a leader in the global Startup Societies movement, signing the first agreement with the government of Honduras to set up an innovative legal jurisdiction to create prosperity (a newer iteration of which is now welcoming its first residents) and coining the expression "Startup Cities" in a 2013 talk available here. He continues to speak and promote new jurisdictions to create prosperity to elevate the global poor.

He is a lifelong education entrepreneur who created and led a charter school in NM, one of the lowest ranked states educationally, that was ranked the 36th best public school in the U.S. by its third year and has remained a top ranked school. He also founded The Academy of Thought and Industry, a network of innovative high schools that serves as the high school program for the largest Montessori chain in the U.S. His current educational project is a virtual school, The Socratic Experience.

Michael is the author of The Habit of Thought: From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice, and lead author of Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems. He has written for academic journals (Economic Affairs, Critical Review, Journal of Business Ethics, etc.) as well as popular publications (Barron’s, HuffPo, RealClear Politics, etc.). He has spoken on entrepreneurial solutions to world problems at dozens of universities including Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Dartmouth, and University of Chicago, as well as many conferences around the world. He wrote his dissertation on "Ideas and Culture as Human Capital" under the supervision of Nobel laureate Gary Becker at the University of Chicago.

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Advancing Special Jurisdictions and Innovative Governance

What is Abelar

Abelar is the foremost Nigerian Organization centered on special jurisdictions and innovative governance. We are a network of visionaries and creators focused on proposing and encouraging the implementation of zone-based alternative governance and other innovative governance models to solve developing nations’ complex problems, with an emphasis on Nigeria and other African countries.

Investors desire emerging markets. However, many developing nations lack sound legal infrastructure and host environments hostile towards business and free trade, which hinders economic growth and deters investors. The absence of legal businesses results in few income opportunities for citizens of developing nations, leading to poverty and a low standard of living.

What Abelar believe in

We believe that Properly structured free enterprise always results over time in higher quality, lower cost, and more customized products and services. This principle applies just as forcefully to the entrepreneurial supply of law, governance, community, housing, education, health care, and other environments supportive of happiness, and well being as it does to technology. Our world suffers because we have not allowed entrepreneurial initiative to fully address the most important issues facing humanity.

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